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DOKS will take care of data security and protection and the safe storing of data for you. It saves time and facilitates the routine work related to establishing a customer relationship. The majority of our customer companies are satisfied with DOKS, how secure it is and how easy and comfortable it is to use.

Over 5000 users

Over 10 000 electronic identifications and information requests monthly

Over 7,5 million sanctions list queries monthly

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Aboa Novale Oy

"DOKS allowed us to reform our administrative practices."

The accounting firm Aboa Novale Oy takes care of its obligations with regards to the Act on Preventing Money Laundering in DOKS. According to CEO Vesa Halme, DOKS makes it easy to take care of the obligations for both the company and its customers, and it has enabled the reform of the company’s administrative practices

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Asianajotoimisto Lukander Ruohola Oy

“We now take care of all the signatures for our commissions in DOKS.”

Lukander Ruohola HTO Attorneys at Law was among the first to introduce DOKS at the start of 2019. The company has always taken the obligations of the Act on Preventing Money Laundering seriously, and the obligations have been well taken care of, but the practices have become even more polished with the service.

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Huoneistomarkkinat Oy LKV

“DOKS speeds up processes and makes identification secure.”

Real estate agents must identify both the seller and the buyer. DOKS speeds up the different stages of real estate transactions. In the real estate sector, transactions involve large sums of money, so it is important to identify customers and check the source of funds to prevent money laundering. The Turku-based estate agency Huoneistomarkkinat Oy LKV uses DOKS to verify information, and it has speeded up and helped the different stages of real estate transactions in many ways.

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