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Sanctions list control is responsible

DOKS® and sanctions lists

We offer a diverse selection of products and services related to the monitoring of sanctions lists. Based on available materials, we perform company analyses that include sanctions lists checks on the company’s name, responsible persons, and beneficial owners.

DOKS Sanctions API is a modern interface service that can be easily connected to different kinds of information systems. It can be used to outsource all complicated and high-maintenance steps that the implementation of sanctions list management requires.

Sanctions list review as a service

You can submit the material on your customers or suppliers to us, and we will carry out a sanctions list review on the whole database. If necessary, the review can be expanded to include the beneficial owners and responsible persons of the company in question. We can automatically retrieve the beneficial owner and responsible person information using the company’s business ID.

As a result, you receive an analysis which also works as a verification on what material and when the sanctions list check was carried out.

Up-to-date sanctions list information is the starting point

DOKS retrieves up-to-date sanctions lists on a daily basis, which means that the sanctions review is always based on the most recent information. The review includes the following sanctions lists:

  • Asset freezing decisions of the Financial Intelligence Unit at the National Bureau of Investigation
  • Sanctions imposed by the Council of the European Union
  • Sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury
  • Sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on individuals and entities
  • The UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) of HM Treasury on individuals, groups and entities which are the object of financial sanctions