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DOKS® is an easy-to-use cloud service for attending to the requirements of the Act on Preventing Money Laundering efficiently.

DOKS will take care of data security and protection and the safe storing of data for you. It saves working hours and facilitates the routine actions related to establishing a customer relationship.

The forms and passport copies used for customer due diligence have been replaced with modern electronic identification. DOKS manages automatically, for example, sanctions list monitoring and ensures that the register data is up to date; the service also offers solutions for risk assessments, electronic signatures and secure emails.

The service is used through a browser, and it adapts to different terminal devices, be they mobiles, tablets or computers. It is always available and up to date and does not require separate installations, updates or backups.


Several functions, one service and smooth user experience

We have spent a lot of time developing the layout and usability of the service. The easy and intuitive implementation reduces the time you spend attending to routine customer matters. The layout of customer communication with its logos and texts can be managed so that the end customer receives the best possible user experience.

DOKS provides services across sectors

The Regional State Administrative Agency and other authorities supervise compliance with the Act on Preventing Money Laundering. In many sectors, companies have an obligation to report money laundering, which means that they must, for example, identify their customers and regularly monitor their customers’ activities.

Failing to attend to the requirements of the Act on Preventing Money Laundering is an unnecessary risk which is easy to avoid using DOKS. If you do not know if the Act on Preventing Money Laundering applies to your company, contact our experts and we can assess the situation with you. DOKS also helps other companies and organisations across sectors with, for example, sanctions list related issues.

Financial administration

DOKS® optimises and simplifies the process of customer identification and due diligence for accounting firms and other actors in the financial sector. A key obligation of the Act on Preventing Money Laundering is to produce a customer-specific risk assessment. Accounting firms and other companies in the financial sector are well placed to recognise and prevent criminal activities.

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Advocacy and legal services

The Act on Preventing Money Laundering applies to lawyers and others offering legal services when they are dealing with cases defined more closely in the Act on Preventing Money Laundering. The Act on Preventing Money Laundering is applied mainly to cases which are not connected to trials or preliminary investigations

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Real estate brokerage

Real estate companies (including letting) and other property operators have an obligation in accordance with the Act on Preventing Money Laundering to identify their customers and their representatives. From the perspective of real estate and letting agencies, this information is of course essential and necessary when a customer relationship is formed and maintained.

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Investment and finance

In the Act on Preventing Money Laundering, companies offering financial service include operators which practice finance leasing, credit provision, foreign exchange services, debt collection services or guarantees. The law concerns companies offering investment services when they provide financing, advice on corporate restructuring, foreign exchange services, recommendations relating to transactions in financial instruments, services relating to underwriting of emissions or storing, or provide safekeeping and administration of financial instruments for the account of customers (Act on Investment Services (747/2012) Chapter 2, Section 3, subsection 1, paragraphs 1–8).

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