Haluamme kertoa, että käytämme sivustollamme evästeitä. Käytämme niitä vain kävijämäärien mittaamiseen ja analysointiin. Mikäli annat luvan tähän, olemme kiitollisia, koska näin voimme kehittää sivujamme!

Mikäli et halua antaa lupaa tähän, voit tietenkin valita niin alta. Tällöin ainoa selaimesi evästeisiin tallennettava asia on tieto tästä kiellostasi, jotta tiedämme sen jatkossa kysymättä.

Riippumatta valinnastasi, pääset joka tapauksessa normaalisti selaamaan sivujamme tämän jälkeen.

A responsible company knows its customers and stakeholders

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DOKS® is a tool for meeting the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and identifying customers. In addition to the strong identification of customers and investigating the PEP information and beneficiaries, DOKS takes care of sanctions list management and has a whistleblowing channel. At the same time, it is a smart tool for responsibly establishing a new customer relationship.

A time-saving tool that is easy to use

DOKS is used through a browser and it adapts to different terminal devices, be they mobiles, tablets or computers. DOKS will take care of data security and protection and the safe storing of data for you.

It saves working hours and facilitates the routine actions related to establishing a customer relationship. Most of our customer companies are extremely satisfied with DOKS, how secure it is and how easy and comfortable it is to use.

DOKS and sanctions lists

We offer a diverse selection of products and services related to the monitoring of sanctions lists.

Based on available material, we perform company analyses that include sanctions lists checks according to the company’s name, persons in charge, and actual beneficiaries.

DOKS Sanctions API is a modern interface service that can be easily connected to different kinds of information systems. It can be used to outsource all complicated and high-maintenance steps that the implementation of sanctions list management requires.


After the sanctions lists review has been completed, we will deliver a clear and comprehensive report about it. The report includes useful company analyses and it is a concrete proof that a sanctions list check has been performed; it even shows the source material used for the check. The report can also be used in a due diligence process.

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During a personal demo, our expert will provide you with information about the Anti-Money Laundering Act and our services, and they will show you a concrete solution for managing the related obligations. Fill in the attached form so that we can book you a suitable time slot for a demo. The demo is conducted remotely.

Suomen Tunnistetieto Oy

DOKS® is developed and provided by Suomen Tunnistetieto Oy established in 2014. Our competent and growing team includes lawyers, application developers and other professionals who are familiar with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

The company is steadily growing and it has gained a good foothold in the Finnish KYC market. All of our services are produced by our company and 100% the result of Finnish high-quality competence in law and information technology.

Yhteistyössä Alma Talent

Our cooperation partners include the Finnish Patent Registration Office, Nets, Bisnode Finland, and Lowell.

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